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Hailing from Rhode Island comes the next chapter in the never ending Phil Vincent story. Teaming up with rock icon Paul Sabu, the pieces are now in place for a truly special listening experience. Produced and mixed by Sabu, these 10 slices of modern melodic rock will shake you to the core. Massive hooks laid over throbbing bass lines, with screaming guitar licks and pounding drums, all coming together producing a sonic utopia. Named after the town Vincent was born and still resides, CRANSTON will keep you coming back for more.

Phil Vincent – Lead and Background Vocals
Paul Sabu – Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
B.F. D’Ercole – Drums

Cranston cranston II front500

Released on July 22, 2016, enjoy the first taster: You Oughta Know:

Vince O'Regan - guitar [Bob Catley]
Phil Vincent - vocals [D'ercole]
Gavin Cooper - bass [Lionsheart, Dianno]
Steve Hopgood - drums [Jagged Edge, Dianno)

legion legion code of honour legion nemesis legion resurrection legion v legion tempest legion animal inside legion rising front500 Legion Redemption front500


Legion (Phil Vincent) - Live

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