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phil vincent - face itAmerican multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and composer PHIL VINCENT is a workaholic. Where recent years has seen him joining several bands (Tragik, Circular Logik, D'Ercole and Legion) and singing on other people projects, somehow he still got some time left to continue with his solo career, started in the mid-nineties.
"Face It" is Phil's new recording and 'solo' is the key word here, although his Legion buddy Vince O'Regan (Bob Catley band) shreds out a solo or two. The rest is all Mr. Vincent himself.

Primarily, Vincent is a prolific songwriter, and this was his sole intention when released his first album almost twenty years ago: work as 'song writer artist', but circumstances changed when received such a positive response from his own performance.
Phil Vincent does it all. He writes the songs, he sings the songs, he plays all of the instruments and produce on his CD's, with a little help from his friends.
This dangerously could become 'more of the same' in all his projects, but Vincent is a skilled (and clever) composer managing to craft impactful rockers and good, varied melodies.

Of course much of the material present in "Face It" recalls his recent bands, plenty of Dokken-influenced hard rock songs with good dynamics and choruses, but also we find some of his own melodic side structurally inspired by Winger.
"Long Hard Road", the layered "Sooner Or Later" and the solid keyboard-filled "Burning Bridges" are clear examples of his penchant to write infectious tunes, while "End Of The Line" or "Make Up Your Mind" are crunchier balancing the whole thing.
Phil explores new sonic fields for him on some tracks as on the modern oriented "Can't Go Back" and the poppy / classic rock title track "Full Circle" with good results, especially in the slightly psych progressive melody of the latter.

"Face It" is well performed, arranged and recorded by Vincent, which keeps improving his craft as 'one man band'.
Phil is singing better and better everyday building really good multi-layered harmony vocals which adds nice nuances on all songs, and the guitar work is intense, varied, delivering meaty solos as well.
Perhaps on some tracks - particularly the heavier - the rhythm section sounds too much 'like a wall', but that's a minor criticism because the important thing is always a good song, and here's a lot of them.


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From YourMusicBlog:

With a man as busy as Phil Vincent, it is easy to lose track of all his output. Whether solo, with Legion, or in this case D`Ercole, the albums keep coming like there is no tomorrow. The guy´s inspiration has no limitations as I happen to know more output is already on the way. But okay, let´s point ourselves to this album. In the band are Tane DeAngelis on drums, William Arnold on bass, Damian D´Ercole on guitars, Phil handling all vocals (massive harmonies alert once again) as well as keyboards, rhythm guitars and some more drums and Legion buddy Vince O`Regan is handling lead guitars. Which strikes me as a bit odd, as on the previous effort Damian handled most of the solo work if memory serves me right.

Of course the songs here are in the by now familiar Vincent vein. so melodic hard rock, spiced up with keyboards where it adds to the picture to give it that great eighties feel. It rocks hard, it kicks ass and fits seamlessly in the heritage. Which is far from over as you will understand. And when looking back, with a person that writes and records continuously, it is self explanatory several monikers are needed to channel all that material. But hey, as long as I get walls of harmony vocals, loud guitars and songs that can carry the weight, I am not complaining!

phil vincent solar flareAmerican singer and multi-instrumentalist Phil Vincent has been featured here before. And where recent years has seen him join several other bands (Tragik, Circular Logik, D`Ercole and Legion) and sing on other people their records, somehow he still got some time left to spend on another solo album. And solo is the key word here, although I do believe his Legion buddy Vince O´Regan shreds out a solo or two. the rest is all mister Vincent himself! After listening to this, I kept thinking how unbelievable it is that he still seems to get better with every release. The sound keeps improving, his drums and guitars never sounded so ...<click here to read the full article>


Source: Your Music Blog