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  • Basbayiannis writes about Phil Vincent’s Today Tomorrow Yesterday: “Surprising uplifting and fresh sounding,… a truly remarkable album”
  • The Mayfair Mall Zine has written more favourable reviews, now for Tragik’s  Faith Healer and for D’Ercole’s Hard Core: “smashing stuff”. Oh and find a heartwarming reaction to Phil’s TTY album there too!
  • Your Music Blog on Legion’s Redemption: “another great album that will not need much time winning you over.”
  • Another “Recommended” from ViriAOR for Phil’s TTY album
  • Get Ready To Rock think Tragik’s Faith Healer is: “Quite possibly the band’s best outing to date and one to play loud, enjoy and forget about all the crap going on in the world right now. ****”
  • Dutch site Rockportaal compliment is that “fans of last century’s rock music will find much to their delight” in regard to Legion, Phil and Tragik
  • Also Strutter reports on Legion, Tragik and Phil’s solo offering in one go. All points are above an 8 so we do not complain!
  • a whopping 4 3/4 (out of 5) stars for Legion from Dmitry at DMME
  • a nice read from The Rocker on Phil: “At least you know where you are with one of his albums, an increasingly rare thing in a fragile world.”

legion rising front500 Progrock site Sea Of Tranquility published a review for LEgion's latest album. Writer Steven Reid gives a 3.5 / 5 star rating! He says: "For me Legion finds Phil Vincent at his strongest and I personally wish he’d temper all the other musical activity he’s involved in to really focus his energies here."
You can read it in full at their site.

Dutch site FestivalInfo rated the album even higher, with 4 out of 5 stars. Lots of compliments coming from them, for instance "lovers of quality hardrock should check out this album. 45 minutes of well produced songs with head and tail leave a good feeling behind"




TRAGIK The Power Of Suggestion Your Music Blog wrote "he's done it again!" Click on the link to read all their thoughts.

mayfair mall

High time to introduce you to a fresh batch of reviews for many recent releases.

  • Rock Hard Slovakia write about the second Cranston album which gets a 4/5 star rating: “The second album is simply labelled with sequential number II and features eleven fresh, crunchy and striking songs”
  • On the Mayfair Mall homepage you can find links to reviews for LegionCranston and Phil Vincent - Hypocrite, as well as reviews for new titles from  D’Ercole and Tragik. Let’s just say they love them 🙂
  • Your Music Blog is happy with the Legion album: "Riff after solo the band sound on fire and take no prisoners. I know some people are afraid Phil is saturating his fanbase with all these releases. But when the outcome is this good, who cares…"
  • There are also many awesome reviews for Phil's work with Forest Field. You can find them on their website. One worth picking out (it includes an interview with Phil) is Get Ready To Rock.

thanks to all the writers!